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I'm a Believer

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a birth.  People have always told me that witnessing a birth was something beautifully amazing that could not truly be explained.  I have had five children and at that very moment in the delivery room I have always felt far from amazing!  Only afterwards when I am holding my tiny miracle do I realize what a truly amazing experience childbirth is.  

As a photographer and witnessing all the emotions first hand was incredibly touching.  It made me a true believer in the statement, "Childbirth is beautifully amazing."  Throughout that day I witnessed so many emotions - people were nervous, people were ecstatic, people were anxious.  We laughed....a lot (thanks to a very comedic visitor).  We cried tears of joy.  I witnessed parents crying as they watched their babies making them proud.  I have never been surrounded with such an array of emotions in one day.  Amazing.


As this was my first birth session, I had no idea as to what to expect exactly.  I showed up with the parents at 7am at the hospital for the induction.  We waited.  We waited a little more.  And we continued to wait.  About nine hours later it was time...the time we were all anxiously awaiting!  The baby was going to be here any minute! 

The beautiful baby boy came into this world surrounded by people that already loved him.  He is truly blessed.  They welcomed a healthy, gorgeous baby into their family with loving arms.  I am blessed they asked me to capture the special day for them.  July 23, 2015 is a day that I will not forget.  I will hold those memories with me for the years to come.


This experience proved to be a rather personal experience.  For that reason I have only chosen to include a few photographs from the session within this blog.  If you are interested in a birth session, please contact me to discuss the details.