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Just A Few of My Favorite Locations

I think every photographer has their favorite locations - where they know the lighting, know the location, and secret nooks.  I know I certainly do!  

I get asked quite often where my favorite locations are, which prompted me to put together an Exclusive Client Access Area on my website.  This area has all of my favorite locations, as well as a style guide, wall art inspiration, product care, and frequently asked questions.  You might be asking yourself how you can take a look at that page on my website...and the answer is...after securing your session by paying the required 50% deposit, you will be given a password which will grant you access to this exclusive area.  

I primarily work in two counties in Texas - Limestone and McLennan.  I have several favorite locations in both of these counties, but I am going to share my absolute most favorite location in each of these counties with you now.  

Hands down, my favorite location in Limestone County is a piece of property my husband's family owns near Personville and Donie.  There is a covered bridge, a tin barn, a tire swing, and a cabin.  In the spring, the bluebonnets grow so beautifully and are basically undisturbed.  The covered bridge is perfect for both family and individual photographs.  The tire swing is a "must-do" at this location!  It is perfect for getting people of all ages to smile with a genuine smile.  The porch of the cabin is a favorite among clients because it gives the photographs a feeling of "home."  Since this is private family property, I am the only photographer that has access to this location.


My second favorite location is in McLennan County and is located just outside of Crawford, Texas.  This location is called Tonkawa Falls.  Just as the name implies, there is a waterfall which makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs!  There are plenty of other scenic backdrops as well, such as cliffs, a stone stairwell, a dock type structure, a grove of trees, and a stone wall with a building.  


I am always on the lookout for other locations.  Do you know of some that you'd like to share?