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It's almost that time if you have a senior...time for graduation!  I can tell you that this school year has FLOWN by!  Graduation is a few months away and I promise you, it will be here before you know it! 

At Smith Family Photography we can help you with Graduation Cards/Invitations!  Throughout the entire month of March, mention this blog post and you will receive a 10% discount off your card/invitation order...whether we took the photographs or not.

We offer four types of cards/invitations - Slim Line Cards, Foil Pressed Cards, Flat Cards, and Folded Cards.  Each type of card will be customized for your senior and presented to you for approval before ordering.

Slim Line Cards

Slim Line cards are single sided 4x8 cards that are printed either vertically or horizontally on photo paper.  They typically contain 1-3 photos with details about the event.  Slim Line Cards are sold in sets of 25 and envelopes are included. 

4x8 Slim Line Card

4x8 Slim Line Card

Foil Pressed Cards

Foil Pressed Cards are 5x7 cards that are printed on photographic card paper.  The front side has foil lettering available in gold, opal, red, silver, and black.  The back side is blank for you to customize with details of the event.  They are sold in sets of 25 and include envelopes. 

5x7 Foil Pressed Card

5x7 Foil Pressed Card

Flat Cards

Flat cards aresimilar to Foil Pressed Cards with the exception of no foil lettering.  They are two sided and typically include a photo on the front with the details of the event on the back.  They are sold in sets of 25 and include envelopes. 

5x7 Flat Card

5x7 Flat Card

Folded Cards

Folded Cards are the "normal" card with a front cover, back cover, and inside panels.  All four panels (front cover, inside panels, and back cover) can be customized or left blank for you to write your own personal message. 

Contact us today for your customized graduation cards/invitations!  And remember, during the entire month of March you will save 10%!