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Help!! I NEED Inspiration for Our Wall Gallery!!

So...I have this HUGE wall in our living room that is absolutely perfect for displaying photographs of our large family of eleven...yes ELEVEN.  In 2012 I put together a wall display that I loved, however we have since added 3 family members and now it just feels squished with several 8x10 prints in frames.  To see what I mean, check out this Print Size Guide I found on Pinterest.

This guide was found here:

This guide was found here:

Now you can see what I'm talking about.  In my opinion, I feel like an 8x10 is not proportionate with the wall and the sofa.  I need photographs that are at least 16x20 for the family portraits and 11x14 for individual portraits.  I could go larger than that, however I have to remember that I have to fit in 9 individual portraits and 2 family portraits.  If I go too big on the prints, I will run out of wall space.

Through photographing other families and seeing the wall art they've ordered in beautiful large canvas, prints, and metals, made me realize that I want those same beautiful large wall art pieces of my family!  I want friends and family to walk into my living room and not have to get close to the wall to look at an 8x10 print, but rather be able to see my family's portraits the minute they walk into the room.

Now that I know I want larger portraits on the wall, the question is how to arrange them in a gallery?  I have been obsessed with looking for ideas!  Every time I look at ideas, I just end up with MORE ideas and this huge task is not any closer to be narrowed down.  So far my favorite article which discusses several ideas can be found here.  This is seriously like the mother ship of wall gallery inspiration articles!

I have the wall.  I have the portraits.  Now what?  I'd love to hear and/or see your ideas!

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