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"Unicorns aren't real, but we wish they were."  

Everyone knows that a unicorn is a mythical horse that's white with a fancy horn, but to some adorable girls a unicorn is so much more!  To them a unicorn is an enchanted, beautiful, peaceful creature that brings out the imagination within them.  This was evident by the smiles on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes.  The Unicorn Limited Edition Sessions were a huge hit with all five girls!


I have to admit, the idea of unicorns is fascinating for many with vivid imaginations.  This prompted me to do a little research about these mythical creatures were refer to as "unicorns" and I was came up with five facts about them.

1.  The legend of the unicorn is REALLY old!  

2.  Unicorn horns were believed to have medicinal properties that were VERY potent!

3.  The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland!

4.  Unicorn horns were actually narwhal teeth!

5.  Some claim unicorns are REAL!  A deer with one horn was spotted in a wildlife park in Tuscany.


I've had many people ask me if the horse we used was real.  YES!  We used a real horse!  His name is Moonshine and he resides in Limestone County.  During the entire session with the girls, there were three adult handlers nearby to assist as needed.  The girls were never left unattended on or near the horse for safety concerns.  The horse was haltered and held onto, as well as someone with their hand on the girl.  


Growing up my stepdad introduced me to a song about unicorns that I fell in love with!  It's called "The Unicorn Song" by the Irish Rovers.  It is a song about how unicorns were real, but were left off Noah's Ark because they ran out of time.

If you are interested in a Unicorn Limited Edition Session in the future, let us know and we will gladly put you on the list to notify when we begin booking for next year's session in August.