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We've Been Featured!


We received an awesome email a few weeks ago from, a custom card company. 

The email said, "I wanted to reach out to you because your photos are fantastic and we would love to do a post on our blog featuring you. is a custom card company that allows customers and photographers to instantly personalize everything from wedding invitations to holiday cards. We would be honored to be able to work with Smith Family Photography."

How exciting is that?!?  I replied and told them that I would love the opportunity to write a blog post for them.  It took me a few days to think about the topic.  I finally decided to write about our business and what we do to MAKE a session.  I used images from a session taken during this spring at Mother Neff State Park with an amazing family.  

Iā€™m in love with your style, and all the moments you decided to share with us.
— Makenzie with

You can view the featured blog post on, which can be found here.  And while you're there, check out their awesome products!  You can save 20% by using the following code.