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Prom...and Prom Dresses

Prom is such an exciting time for many young adults, especially seniors.  My son is a senior at Riesel High School and I was lucky enough to boss them around for an hour or so and take photographs of them.  While I like seeing the young men all dressed up in tuxes, I absolutely LOVE seeing the young women all dressed up in beautiful gowns.  

As a mom of son, taking him shopping for a tux is relatively simply.  We pull up to Squire's, walk in, and tell them what color the date's dress is going to be.  They do the rest.  Super easy!  On the day of prom, everyone knows what color the tie and vest will be, but pretty much all tuxes are the same.  

My son <3

My son <3

I have a daughter, but she's not prom age yet so all I have to base my experience on with getting young women ready for prom is what I've seen with the dates my son has had for proms.  They spend a day (or two...maybe three) shopping for gowns.  Maybe they go with friends at first to narrow down the choices and then bring mom in for the final selection...and payment :)  Some gowns are modestly priced, while others are rather expensive.  They take a small sample of the fabric or even a close up photo with their phone to send to their date so they know what color to coordinate with.  The date doesn't see the dress until they meet up to go to prom.  As you can's all about the dress!

I am always amazed at the beautiful dresses these gorgeous young women find and how amazing they look in them!  Just take a look for yourself.