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It's Time for a Transition

I began my photography business for several reasons.  One of which being a particular need that I had as a mother of 6 children.  I needed a professional photographer that could provide my family with professional wall art that did not cost an arm and a leg.  Many photographers charge per person, which is costly for a large family.  I don't really understand this extra charge from a photographer's standpoint.  Our large family isn't eating a meal with you.  We aren't asking for a full 2 hours of your day.  Our session will be the same amount of time as any other session.  So why the extra charge?  For this very reason, my session fee is the same for 1 person as it is for 10 or even more.  

The other reason being I HATED receiving a disc or an email with photographs that were for the most part, unusable in my opinion.  Sure I had 80 images on a disc with a print release, but out of those 80 I could barely find enough to fill the frames on my walls!  I would then upload those few images to a consumer retailer, such as CVS or Shutterfly, only to have those products again not meet my standards.  Those products began fading after a few short months of being on our walls.  The colors looked nothing like they did on my computer screen.  I wanted high quality wall art that would last a lifetime.  

I am constantly striving to find ways to better meet the needs of other families that are like ours - they want high quality wall art without going into debt to do so.  As expenses continue to rise, I am forced to find ways to cut expenses so I don't have to raise the price of the session fee.  During this time, I found a new program that bundled online galleries and custom mobile apps!  I have to admit change is hard, but I am determined to learn a new program to keep the session fee as low as it can possibly be so I can still offer my amazing clients the same great wall art options through an online gallery.  


  • You can view the images in your online gallery as a slideshow with music!

  • You can actually see the images on a wall so you know what size would look best!

  • You now have the ability to crop your images!


  • It's a new program so I am learning too!  

Click here to check out a sample gallery with in the NEW program!

Here is the way a 16x20 piece of wall art would look on this wall.  

Here is the way a 16x20 piece of wall art would look on this wall.  

Here is that same image as an 8x10 piece of wall art. 

Here is that same image as an 8x10 piece of wall art. 

We are transitioning to this program slowly, but it will be fully switched over by July 27th, 2017.  After this time, any prior custom mobile apps will no longer be available UNLESS you contact me asking for me to put together an app in the new program.    

We can't wait to hear what you think of these exciting changes!  My favorite thing about this new program is the ability to see photographs in various sizes on walls.  You can even send me a photo of a wall in your home and I can upload that for you!  This makes is so easy to ensure that you are investing in the size you truly want to showcase your family in a particular room.