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Say, "CHEESE!"

School portrait day.  It's such an exciting day for the students!  They get to dress up in nice clothes, fix their hair and head off to school and anxiously await their classes turn for portraits.  Just think back to your school portrait day.  It was exciting!  And YEARS later, everyone still LOVES looking at those portraits - especially the class portraits!  There is definitely a certain amount of historic value in those and they bring back so many memories about your childhood classmates.  

As exciting as it may be, some students do find portrait day to be a tad nerve-racking.  They really aren't sure what to expect.  I find this to be true with the younger students, as well as with the shy personalities.  Rest assured that I work with the classroom teachers to make this a positive experience for everyone.

I have put together a tip sheet for parents - a guide to help prepare parents and students for portrait day.


Spring portrait day is my favorite!  There are always two background choices.  I always have a very spring-like background with flowers or trees and I have another one that has a rustic theme to it without flowers.  To see the background choices for Hallsburg Elementary's 2018 Spring Portrait Day, click here.  Seeing the background choices prior to portrait day will help you plan your child's outfit for their portrait.  

Remember, school portraits are meant to be an exciting and fun experience while documenting a time in your child's life.  I also believe that these portraits should be affordable to all families with a starting price of $5.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me.