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A Change is Comin'

Smith Family Photography is a Central Texas based portrait photographer serving Waco, Mart, Groesbeck, Mexia and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide a fun, modern, and creative photography experience while creating wall art that showcases your family.
— Anna Johnson-Smith of Smith Family Photography

Smith Family Photography has been a business for over 4 years now.  When I decided to open this business I had one vision, which was to provide families with meaningful portraits that would be displayed as pieces of art and treasured for generations.  You can read more about my "why" here.  However, over this past summer I began evaluating my business just as I do every single summer and for some reason, it hit me smack dab in the middle of the forehead!  My goal never changed over the years, BUT I wasn't providing my clients with the experience to meet this goal either.  It was so obvious!  Why didn't I see this in the beginning?

Every single year until now we have had a session fee that was not dependent on the amount of people included in the session.  This will remain the same as it is a big pet peeve of mine when large families are priced higher than small families.  This session fee includes many things, but it mainly covers the expenses associated with the session itself (time, fuel, equipment, etc) and has nothing to do with the actual images.  The images are purchased separately as you like with no minimum requirements.  The session did include a $35 credit to use towards the purchase of your images, which was enough to cover the Basic Print Collection.  This collection included one 8x10, two 5x7s and 8 wallets.  Suddenly, this collection seemed so silly and totally against the original vision for Smith Family Photography!  Where was the wall art??  It certainly wasn't a tiny 8x10 unframed print!

Seriously, if my vision was to provide families with portraits that would be treasured as wall art why was I only giving them an 8x10 and two 5x7 and 8 wallets?!?  Now that I realized I was not providing my clients with what I visioned, I had to find a way to give them something special - something that only I could provide them.  Something that would be so unique and special that it would be treasured for generations to come.  And that something would be a custom hand crafted piece of wall art which would be known as Memories Art Print © by Smith Family Photography.  A certificate of authenticity is also included with each Memories Art Print © by Smith Family Photography.

Memories Art Print © by Smith Family Photography

Memories Art Print © by Smith Family Photography

Each session will now (beginning on sessions booked after September 1, 2018) include one Memories Art Print © by Smith Family Photography rather than a $35 credit.  This new hand crafted piece of wall art can be customized directly through your online gallery with your choice of wood in brown, natural or gray.  

Another way in which I can better meet the needs of my clients is by providing them with complimentary digital images for social media sharing.  These complimentary social media images will accompany any printed product that is purchased as an 11x14 or larger - even if you do not purchase a collection.  This will allow you to share your favorite images with family and friends online via social media without a watermark going across the entire middle of the image.  

We have also simplified our product line and created a tab on our website titled, "Investment," which explains each product, as well as provides prospective clients insight into our different types of sessions:

We now have four collections to choose from, as well as al a carte professional products.


  • Art Print Collection
  • Memories Art Print © Collection
  • Canvas Collection
  • Metal Collection

Al a Carte

  • Professional Photographic Prints, lustre and matte
  • Art Prints
  • Canvas Gallery Wraps
  • Vivid Metal Print
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Custom Pendant

I'm so excited to FINALLY be providing my clients with the experience I originally envisioned!  When I began this business venture I asked myself what types of products I should offer - digital images, prints, canvas wraps, metals, etc.  I chose my product offerings from thinking about what my best friends would like to receive from me since I knew I wanted to treat all of my clients just like I would treat my best friend.  I feel this change truly reflects that.  I'm so excited about this change and I hope all my clients will be as well!