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Nine Softball Truths

Nine Truths About Girls That Play Softball


Truth #1

Nothing else compares to the smell of fresh dirt.

Truth #2

Sunscreen is pretty much all the perfume you need.

Truth #3

Eye black makes you play better. It’s a proven fact.

Truth #4

If you look good, you’ll play good.

Truth #5

“Rubbing dirt on it” is a valid form of first aid.

Truth #6

Don’t underestimate any girl. They’ll surprise you.

Truth #7

You’re tougher than you think.

Truth #8

Family goes beyond blood. Family includes your teammates.

Truth #9

If it looks good, swing.

And a huge thanks to all that made this creative session possible (and so much fun)!

Crystal, thank you for contacting me with your fun idea for your daughter’s session.

Carys, thank you for being such a cooperative (and entertaining) model.

Myriah, thank you for being a wonderful assistant whenever needed (and being a catcher with no gear).

Janet, thank you for being an awesome lighting assistant to make these dramatic images possible.