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Say, "CHEESE!"

School portrait day.  It's such an exciting day for the students!  They get to dress up in nice clothes, fix their hair and head off to school and anxiously await their classes turn for portraits.  Just think back to your school portrait day.  It was exciting!  And YEARS later, everyone still LOVES looking at those portraits - especially the class portraits!  There is definitely a certain amount of historic value in those and they bring back so many memories about your childhood classmates.  

As exciting as it may be, some students do find portrait day to be a tad nerve-racking.  They really aren't sure what to expect.  I find this to be true with the younger students, as well as with the shy personalities.  Rest assured that I work with the classroom teachers to make this a positive experience for everyone.

I have put together a tip sheet for parents - a guide to help prepare parents and students for portrait day.


Spring portrait day is my favorite!  There are always two background choices.  I always have a very spring-like background with flowers or trees and I have another one that has a rustic theme to it without flowers.  To see the background choices for Hallsburg Elementary's 2018 Spring Portrait Day, click here.  Seeing the background choices prior to portrait day will help you plan your child's outfit for their portrait.  

Remember, school portraits are meant to be an exciting and fun experience while documenting a time in your child's life.  I also believe that these portraits should be affordable to all families with a starting price of $5.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me.  

Fall School Portraits

Well, it's that time of year again...time for those Fall Back to School Portraits.  Back to School portraits have definitely evolved over the years, but Back to School portraits that take place at the school are still relatively unchanged.  Many parents and guardians want a fun, creative photograph of their child entering a new grade as a keepsake that shows their child's personality.  I love those sessions!  The parents are excited and so proud of their kid.  The kids are equally excited, if not more so, which allows their true personality to shine!

This is my daughter, Lily.  She started preschool this year.

This is my daughter, Lily.  She started preschool this year.

After the school year officially gets started, the school takes Back to School portraits for the fall.  These portraits are posed headshots and they although some feel they are boring, they serve rather important purposes.  One, they too are a keepsake.  These portraits are posed basically the same way each fall which allows us to compare the child's growth from one year to the next.  I love those collages that are compiled with an image from each grade level!  Two, these portraits are fairly close-up which allow you to focus on the child's face.  The administration at the school needs these for their records and teachers like them for art projects throughout the year.  Those art projects are another type of keepsake.  I have boxes upon boxes of beautiful art projects from my kids!  I am actually pretty sure our storage unit is about half way full of them.  Three, these portraits are perfect for yearbooks!  The portraits are nice and close-up of the child's face so their friends can look back through their yearbooks and remember what their friends used to look like when they were younger. 

On Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 we will be taking the Fall Back to School portraits for Hallsburg Elementary.  I am very excited about this venture!  If your child attends Hallsburg Elementary, look for the order information early this week.  I worked with Hallsburg administration to keep prices extremely affordable and I hope the parents will appreciate the savings and flexibility I can offer. 

Throughout the year we will take other school portraits at Hallsburg Elementary including basketball photographs, Spring Individual portraits (those will be more themed), class photographs, and graduation portraits for the itty bitties and the big kids.

Here is a handy tip sheet for school portraits:

School Portrait Tip Sheet

School Portrait Tip Sheet

I am looking forward to September 23rd and I hope you are as well!  If you have any questions about upcoming school portraits at Hallsburg Elementary, please don't hesitate to contact me.