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Introducing *NEW* Mini Session Contests!


I believe in offering low cost themed mini sessions for families. Most families don’t want to spend a lot of money on a full session for any holiday. They just want a few fun portraits of their kiddos to document the holiday. That’s it. Most of these portraits won’t even make it to the wall! They will be shared on social media and then placed in a file on the computer. Sad, but true.

With that being said, I LOVE these fun, quick sessions! Kids are excited and the parents are so relaxed just watching their kids have fun since it’s not a super formal session. Kids can be…KIDS!

This year I have decided to change some things up with regards to mini sessions. I want to foster a lasting relationship with the participating families and I feel like the old way of doing things was not matching my brand. Each mini session is just that, a super quick session, BUT there is a new twist! These are now mini session contests - which just means that one image from each mini session will be entered in our monthly contest. The family with the most “votes” will win a complimentary 8x10 print, as well as a complimentary mini session for the next theme.

Here is the schedule of the mini session contests for 2019:

  • February - Valentine’s Day

  • April - Easter

  • May - Seniors

  • June - Couples

  • July - 4th of July

  • August - Back to School

  • September - Pet

  • October - Halloween

  • December - Christmas

Each ten minute mini session will include your choice of two digital images and one photo from your session will be entered into the contest. The sessions are only $45 if you book during our special pre-booking events or $50 if you book during a regular booking event.

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Contest Winner

The end of August is one of my favorite times of year!  It is time to go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  As a former teacher, I love the excitement of getting ready for a new school year.  As a photographer, I LOVE seeing all the photographs of kids on their first day of school!  It never gets old!  

This year I decided to have a contest which featured some kids on their first day of school.  Parents just had to submit a photograph to me and at the end of the submission window, I uploaded the photographs into an album where family and friends could vote on their favorite by "liking" the photograph.  This year the winner of the FREE Limited Edition Session was the Watkins Family from Hallsburg, Texas!

Meet Chris and Hunter Watkins - the WINNERS!

Meet Chris and Hunter Watkins!  Photo credit:  Jennifer Watkins (mom)

Meet Chris and Hunter Watkins!  Photo credit:  Jennifer Watkins (mom)

We will begin with Chris, the oldest of the two brothers.  Chris Watkins Jr. is currently an 8th grader at Riesel Jr High.  He was recently inducted into the NJHS (National Junior High Honor Society).  He plays football for the 8th Grade Riesel Indians and sports #77 as a Right Tackle for the team.  Some of his hobbies include fishing, hunting, two-stepping to country classics and spending time with family.  Chris wants to be a Texas Game Warden.  

Next, let's meet Hunter, the youngest of the two brothers.  Hunter Watkins is currently a 5th grader at Hallsburg Elementary.  He recently won a 3rd place medal for UIL Spelling!  His favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.  Hunter's hobbies include fishing, karaoke, watching YouTube, playing Xbox and spending time with family.  Hunter wants to be a police officer.

When I asked mom what they were planning on doing with the gift certificate they won, she told me that they "would love to use our gift certificate to have a photo of the boys together. Although they are 3 years apart, they are the best of friends and we would like to capture that bond in a photo to treasure. We are excited to have this opportunity. Thank you so much!!"

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your handsome boys with us!  I can't wait to photograph them and provide you with that very special photograph that you are looking forward to!

Cute Kid Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday! It's the perfect time for a CUTE KID HALLOWEEN CONTEST!


Do you have a cute kid that rocked a Halloween costume in the past? If so, send me the photo between today (October 19th) and next Sunday (October 25th). On Monday, October 26th I will upload all the CUTE KIDS into a contest album for voting. Voting will take place from October 26th through midnight on Halloween. The CUTE KID with the most votes will win an 8x10 photo frame and 50% off any session of their choice (except events and weddings)!

What are you waiting for?? Send those CUTE KID HALLOWEEN photos my way!

You can email them to me at:  or send them to me via Facebook at: