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Karen and Keith were now engaged with a wedding date set in June of 2018!  Such an exciting time in both of their lives!  There are TONS of details to attend to - venue, dress, bridal party, food, drinks, flowers, shoes, cake, photographer (that's where I come in) - the list goes on and on it seems.  

One day Karen was talking to a good friend of mine and she mentioned her need for a photographer for the upcoming wedding.  My friend referred her to me and gave her my contact information.  I LOVE referrals!!  She contacted me and soon after I was hired.  Yay!!

I actually met Karen and Keith in March at their engagement session that was included in their wedding package.  They were so much fun to be around!  You can see the genuine love they have for one another, which just makes you want to be around them.  She informed me that they had some ideas about certain poses, or themes if you will.  They are very active in the outdoors and LOVE fishing together so they did want to incorporate fishing into the session somehow.  


Keith and Karen met at the beach, where they were encouraged to meet and exchange numbers.  Reluctantly they did meet and arranged a first date hiking at Keith's cousin's house where they looked for fossils in the creek bed.  It was such an adventure...literally!  They encountered a snake and a hornet's nest complete with four stings on that first date!  Keith asked Karen to go on a second date.  This time they would go...fishin'.  They've been seeking adventures, fishing, and just enjoying spending time with each other every since.

Keith romantically proposed one year later at the same beach where they first met each other.  They will say, "I Do," in June and I am beyond excited for them!  

A Day in the Life of Huckleberry Finn

On a fine Saturday evening, around seven o'clock, I spent time with a super adorable eight year old named "Huckleberry Finn."  We call him "Huck" for short.  He was wearing a pair of denim overalls that were rolled up to prevent them from getting wet while he was fishing. 

When I first encountered Huck, he was sitting on the ledge of the river fishing with his cane pole.  He was patiently waiting for a monster of a fish to take the bait so he could have a tasty dinner.


The young Huck sat there fishing very patiently for what seemed like hours!  As the sun continued to set in the distant sky, Huck decided he needed to find a place to sleep for the night so he packed up his pole and bait bucket.


Huck looked all around, but he could not find anywhere that was suitable for sleeping.  He was running out of daylight so in a last ditch effort, he hopped aboard his small boat and sailed down the river looking for the perfect place to pitch his tent for the night.


Just as the sun was setting and the fireflies were making their appearance for the night, Huck spotted the PERFECT place to sleep for the night! 


And there you have it...  A Day In the Life of Huckleberry Finn!


The Day I Met Huckleberry Finn

Last Wednesday began as typical as any other day.  I knew I had a fun, Huck Finn themed session later that evening, but nothing could have prepared me for how amazing it was going to be! 

I knew "Huck Finn's" mother was just as excited as me (if not more so) because she was asking for my opinion about his outfit well before the session.  I absolutely love when my clients are so excited about the upcoming session!  That energy is captured and makes the photographs so much more beautiful.

I arrived at the location and met up with "Huck Finn" and some of his family members.  "Huck Finn" was so cooperative for such a young boy and complied with every request willingly.  Maybe it's because he was so excited.  Or maybe it was because he just loved spending time with me.  Or maybe (and more than likely) he wanted to go swimming after our session :) 

Certain poses and ideas are easy for young children to understand.  These are the typical type of photos that work in themed sessions such as this, but are more of a "regular" session type of edit.  For example, this photo of "Huck Finn" fishing.

Other poses however are a bit more difficult for children to understand, such as the boat photograph.  This image started with him standing nice and tall holding a cane pole.  That is it.  I told him that he was standing like that because he was going to be on a boat.  Of course, he wanted to know where the boat was.  I explained it was like magic and it would show up after I put the photographs on my computer.  He was such a sport throughout the entire session!

I had so much fun during this session and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with other children!  If you are interested in booking a "Huck Finn Imagination Session," now is the time as I have two dates approaching for the mini-sessions.

Huck Finn mini-session

Huck Finn mini-session

Huck Finn patiently waiting for his cane pole to get set up

Huck Finn patiently waiting for his cane pole to get set up

Huck Finn fishing

Huck Finn fishing

Huck Finn enjoying the beautiful day

Huck Finn enjoying the beautiful day

Huck Finn camping among the fireflies

Huck Finn camping among the fireflies

Huck Finn!

Huck Finn!

As Keith Thibodeaux once said, "I liked Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, and that is the kind of character that I would have like to have played."  Thank you for visiting my blog! 

P.S.  Mention this blog article and receive a 10% discount on your Huck Finn Imagination Mini-Session on August 1st in Mexia or August 8th in Waco.