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Sweet Tooth Custom Baked Goods Cottage Bakery

Smith Family Photography recently partnered with Sweet Tooth Custom Baked Goods Cottage Bakery for a fun, themed cake smash session!  The model was adorable!  The cake was beautiful!  The photographs tell the story.  It is only fitting that this week's blog post is written by the owner of Sweet Tooth Custom Baked Goods Cottage Bakery, Rebecca Kolosci. 

Hello everyone.  My name is Rebecca Kolosci and I am the owner and operator of Sweet Tooth Custom Baked Goods Cottage Bakery.  I do all of my creations from home and have a blast making them.  I especially love making smash cakes for photography sessions because you get to see the pure fun and joy (usually) that kids have with smashing them.  The little rosette cake is one of the most popular designs requested for smash cakes and it isn't hard to see why!  I just love how these pictures turned out and hope you all do too.  If you need anything from smash cakes, cookies, or even wedding cakes please let me know.  You may contact me by clicking here.

The storyboard from the recent cake smash session.

The storyboard from the recent cake smash session.

Special thanks to Rebecca at Sweet Tooth Custom Baked Goods Cottage Bakery for providing the beautiful and delicious cake for this custom cake smash session!

New Year, New Package!

Last week's blog post mentioned a new package that would be introduced.  The time has come for its arrival!  We are excited to announce our "Watch Me Grow" Package! 

Our "Watch Me Grow" Package is designed to document the first year of your child's life through several photography sessions at different stages in their development.  This package will include five sessions during the first year - maternity, newborn, six month, one year, and cake smash.  Each session will include a product credit that may be used towards prints and/or digital images.  The choice is yours!


The Maternity Session is typically done when momma is at least seven months pregnant.  The session includes a $25 product credit.  We understand that some mothers do not wish to have a maternity session, therefore we are providing the option to exchange the maternity session with a family session. 

The Newborn Session is typically done when the baby is about ten days old.  The session includes a $50 product credit.  This session can be done at your residence if you wish, however we will be limited as to what items we can bring.  Some items such as posing beanbags are rather large and difficult to transport.

The Six Month Session is a fun session!  Babies can typically sit up on their own or with minimal assistance at this stage.  They laugh and smile....a lot!  This is such a fun age!  The session includes a $25 product credit. 

The One Year/Cake Smash Combo Session is so much fun!  We begin by taking photos for the one year portion of the session.  Often times parents change outfits and request a certain theme to match the child's upcoming birthday party. Some parents even request a certain setup for party invitations.  After the one year portion of the session, it is time for CAKE!  We get the setup ready for the cake smash portion of the session while you get your baby ready. The cake smash portion can go very quickly or it can take a long all depends on the child and what they decide to do with all that cake!  After the cake smash portion of the session, we move onto the bath.  After all, do you want your child in the carseat covered in frosting??  This session includes a $40 product credit and a personalized 8x8 storyboard of the cake smash.

After all of the sessions have been completed, you will choose your favorite image from all the sessions.  This image will be given to you as an 11x14 canvas gallery wrap. 


Our normal policy for booking a session requires a 50% deposit with the remaining 50% due anytime before the day of the session.  However, since this package includes so much we are offering a payment plan for those that would like to take advantage of it.  A deposit of $89 will be due at the time of booking, with the remaining amount due divided into 4 equal payments of $89.  Each of these payments will be due at the time of each session. 

We are looking forward to watching your baby grow in front of our camera! 

The Milestone of Turning ONE!

I was so excited for Saturday, August 29th to arrive!  Why you ask?  Well, it all began on June 1st, 2015.

I received a message from a young woman named Myranda.  She was inquiring about a One Year/Cake Smash Session for her daughter.  She explained to me that she was referred to me by a close friend and she actually didn't need the session until August.  This made me extremely happy for two reasons.  One, she was a referral!  This means that her friend would receive a $10 credit towards a future session and that she would receive a 10% discount on her session.  I LOVE referrals!  Two, Myranda was excited about the session that was over 3 months away!  When clients are excited for the session, it just makes it that much more fun.

The week leading up to the session I was busy planning (as I do with all of my sessions).  I was making a list of poses for the session, as well as a list for the possible props I would need to bring to the session.  I make lists for everything...literally! 

One Year/Cake Smash Combo Sessions are really two sessions rolled into one.  They require more time, more planning, and more cooperation.  And when you consider the subject for the entire event is ONE, you honestly never know how it is going to go! 

Last Saturday I arrived at the Falls on the Brazos Park in Marlin, Texas early to begin setting up for the session.  Soon enough the beautiful little one year old, Kadence, arrived with her mother and grandmother.  This was the moment I've been waiting for since we began planning the session.

One Year/Cake Smash Combo Sessions always begin with the One Year Old Session.  Typically the kiddo is more focused at the beginning of the session so this is a great time to get some "posed" shots.  Another reason being that the kiddo can arrive on location dressed in clean clothes with a clean face.  After the Cake Smash portion of the session, they are no longer wearing clean clothes with a clean, smiling face.

Sweet Kadence sitting so pretty for one of her one year session poses!

Sweet Kadence sitting so pretty for one of her one year session poses!

After the "posed" portrait session, we move on to the Cake Smash Session - which is my favorite part!  It is so amusing to watch a kiddo work through the curiosity of a cake smash session.  Kadence was a perfect kiddo for this!  She sat down with the cake in front of her and she just looked at it, examining it carefully.  I imagine she was asking herself, "Do I touch it?  What will mom say to me?  What is it?  Why is it here?"  Soon enough she decides to touch it and her hands are coated in frosting!  She does not like this too much, but she's not bothered by it enough to stop messing with the delicious cake.  One thing is for sure, she does NOT want to touch it with her hands anymore!  How else do you eat cake then if you don't have a fork?  It didn't take Kadence long to figure out that she could take bites from the cake without touching it with her hands! 

Kadence loved the cake, but not the messy hands!

Kadence loved the cake, but not the messy hands!

Kadence sat back up and just looked at us like she wasn't quite sure what our reactions would be.  Of course we all clapped and said, "YAY!"  It didn't take her long until she was bending down for a big bite and sitting up smiling as we cheered her on.  All the cheering put her in the mood to dance!  I have never seen a kid dance the way that she danced!  It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen a kid do! 

After all the eating and dancing, it was time to clean up with a nice bath in the park.  She loved the bath!  I think Kadence had a pretty good time at the park.

Bath time!

Bath time!

Personalized storyboards are perfect at showcasing the entire cake smash session from start to finish.

Personalized storyboards are perfect at showcasing the entire cake smash session from start to finish.

If you are interested in a One Year Session, Cake Smash Session, or a Combo Session, message me for more information.  If you book a Combo Session, you save money by bundling two sessions into one!