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A Day in the Life of Huckleberry Finn

On a fine Saturday evening, around seven o'clock, I spent time with a super adorable eight year old named "Huckleberry Finn."  We call him "Huck" for short.  He was wearing a pair of denim overalls that were rolled up to prevent them from getting wet while he was fishing. 

When I first encountered Huck, he was sitting on the ledge of the river fishing with his cane pole.  He was patiently waiting for a monster of a fish to take the bait so he could have a tasty dinner.


The young Huck sat there fishing very patiently for what seemed like hours!  As the sun continued to set in the distant sky, Huck decided he needed to find a place to sleep for the night so he packed up his pole and bait bucket.


Huck looked all around, but he could not find anywhere that was suitable for sleeping.  He was running out of daylight so in a last ditch effort, he hopped aboard his small boat and sailed down the river looking for the perfect place to pitch his tent for the night.


Just as the sun was setting and the fireflies were making their appearance for the night, Huck spotted the PERFECT place to sleep for the night! 


And there you have it...  A Day In the Life of Huckleberry Finn!