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The Friendship Tree

As we grow up, we realize it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.
— unknown

My oldest son is a senior this year and he has an awesome best friend!  They are each accepted for who they are and have no problem speaking their minds to one another.  Watching their friendship develop over the past couple of years has been a great experience.  It reminds me of my best friend growing up.  We were inseparable and yet we hardly see each other now, however when we do talk on the phone or see each other it is like we never missed a beat.  We have a gazillion things to talk and laugh about!  It's strange how we develop from an early age with a sense of we must have a LOT of friends (like that somehow defines a person socially) to a realization that there are just a few people that you can really count on and connect with - your BEST friend.


When I take my son's senior photographs, I always invite his best friend.  It just seems strange without her there experiencing senior photographs with him.  The mood is completely different.  It's definitely much more fun and playful with both of them together, which creates amazing memories that are able to be captured on camera.  They even found a tree and designated it as their "Friendship Tree."  Her mother gave them the idea with the premise that they will come back to that true throughout their lives to remind them of their friendship.


My best friend and I had our photographs taken together one time and neither of us know where those portraits are.  That makes me sad.  I hope that one day they will show up.  As a mother, I now realize the importance of keeping photographs so my son (and his friend) will not have missing photographs from their senior sessions.  


I have had several clients last year that booked a senior session and then asked if they could bring their friend or boy/girlfriend.  Of course I said yes!  But it really had me feeling like I was not meeting the needs of my clients by not offering a special package for the seniors that wanted to share a session with a friend.  Over the summer I changed that and created a "Share With A Friend" Session.  Each senior is posed for individual shots, as well as posing them together.  


If you are interested in a "Share With A Friend" Senior Session, drop us a line via message, email, or call.  


You'll Move Mountains!

This past school year I had the pleasure of meeting 25 wonderfully, amazing, talented, brilliant, and gorgeous young adults!  As these young adults say, "Goodbye," to high school, they say, "Hello," to their futures.  Some are going to traditional universities with scholarships, others are going to trade schools, and others will jump into the workplace right away.  Whatever path they decide to take, I know they will do great things.  They have amazing support systems that were there with them at their senior sessions...moms, dads, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even best friends!  They are truly blessed in many ways!  I just want to take a moment and say, "CONGRATULATIONS!"  I absolutely cannot wait to hear about how you're doing as the years go by!

What takes us back to the past are the memories. What brings us forward is our dreams.
— Jeremy Irons

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