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today was a fairytale

Today Was A Fairytale

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
— Taylor Swift

Ron and Beth's wedding on June 3, 2017 was in fact, a true fairytale.  

On February 13th, Beth contacted me about photographing their wedding.  At that time, she described their relationship as a fairytale.  She actually told me this in a message!  

I am so excited! This is our second marriage but I feel like it’s already been a fairy tale and I’m 20-something instead of 40-something!
— Beth

Their wedding day truly lived up to this title!  They were getting married at the Chapel at Caliber Oak in Salado, which is absolutely beautiful.  They planned for an outside ceremony with the reception inside.  The weather was stormy most of the day and arrangements were put in place to move the ceremony indoors if that was needed.  The storms stayed away for the entire ceremony so Beth and Ron were able to have their perfect outdoor ceremony.  Everything went as planned - perfectly!  It was a fairytale wedding.


Ron and Beth knew of each other for a very long time.  Ron's mother worked with Beth years earlier.  Neither thought they'd end up married!  About six years ago they were hanging out with the same group of friends...all married couples.  Ron and Beth were the only single ones in the group.  They ended up going out to eat once alone, then they went to the movies a few times alone, and then dancing.  The rest is history!  Their age difference of six years was a joke between them in the beginning, but they they soon got over that and were inseparable. 

Their first "real" date was dinner and a movie.  Beth explains that Ron was a true gentleman that opened the door for her and treated her with respect.  This was new to her.  As the date progressed, they laughed and talked about how they both just wanted to be happy.  Their relationship just grew from there.

On Christmas Eve, Ron proposed.  They just returned from his parent's house and he was unloading the gifts from the truck.  When he came inside, he set the gifts down (or at least she thought he was setting the gifts down), but instead she saw Ron holding a Boozer's Jewelry sack.  He approached Beth and told her to close her eyes.  She closed her eyes and he proposed.  Of course she said, "YES!," and hugged him!  She says she was caught totally off guard and it was absolutely perfect.


One night after the proposal Beth couldn't sleep.  She decided to do an Internet search for "small church Salado."  The Chapel at Caliber Oak popped up and she immediately sent an email right 2:30am!  Just a few minutes later, Rick replied and told them that the venue was available because someone had canceled.  When Ron and Beth visited the chapel, they instantly knew that was the perfect place for their fairytale wedding.  She said it was truly magical!


Beth says her favorite part of their wedding day was seeing Ron's face when she walked out.  She saw the smile on Ron's face and it matched the smile in her heart.  She knew it was the beginning of their forever.  


Ron says the favorite part of their wedding day was when the minister said, "You may kiss your bride."  


They both waited a long time for the happiness they now share.  Their long journey has definitely been a fairytale with a happy ending.  Everything was absolutely PERFECT!

Thank you Ron and Beth for asking me to help capture the memories on your wedding day.  And a HUGE thank you to Angela Bailey with Angela Bailey Photography for assisting in capturing those memories!