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Creating Unique Valentine Cards

Young kids LOVE Valentine's Day!  They LOVE giving their friends and teachers cards and candy!  They LOVE their classroom party!  

As a busy mom it's super easy to buy a box of cards from the store and call it good.  But it's just so...boring.  Those cards seriously just hold the candy and will find their way to the trash can by the end of the day.  Why not make some super cute cards for your kiddos to exchange - cards that are truly unique?

I am going to share four super simple personalized Valentine card ideas that your kids' friends and teachers will LOVE!  

1.  Cut out some pink and red hearts from construction paper and tie them to strings.  Then tie the strings of hearts to an umbrella.  Add as many hearts as you'd like!  Take a photo with your kid holding the umbrella.

vday idea 1.jpg

2.  Buy a pair of inexpensive heart shaped sunglasses and have your child be a sassy model wearing them!

vday idea 2.jpg

3.  Buy inexpensive paper hearts that look like a doilies.  Then write each friends or teachers name on a heart.  This Valentine takes a little more time to prepare since they are even more personalized for each individual.

vday idea 3.jpg

4.  Make a mustache out of brown or black construction paper and take it to a popsicle stick or straw.  Your child can hold the mustache up to their face as if they are in a photo booth.

vday idea 4.jpg

With each of the above ideas you can use a free photo editing software, such as BeFunky, to add text, frames, graphics, etc to your personalized Valentine cards.  

I'd love you to share any ideas you've tried for creating personalized Valentine Day cards!

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Love Bugs!

Who wants adorable photographs on their little ones on fun days, such as Valentine's, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas?  Nearly all moms want these photographs, but they don't want to spend a lot of money on them since they are just for keepsakes.  Typically, these photographs are shared online rather than printed and placed on walls.  For this reason I am offering Themed Holiday Mini Sessions at a low price with digital images rather than prints.  

These sessions are only $40 and include your choice of three digital images.  

We had a lot of fun at our Valentine's Day Mini Sessions and we're looking forward to our upcoming Easter Mini Sessions in March!  

These two cousins had a great time at their Valentine Mini Session!

These two cousins had a great time at their Valentine Mini Session!

Easter sessions are next and will be held outdoors with a bunny!  Pre-booking will begin on February 13th for our newsletter subscribers (so watch your email) and booking for non-newsletter subscribers will begin on February 16th.

Parties at My Little Play Place!

If you have very young children, ages 5 and under, you are seriously missing out if you haven't been to My Little Play Place in Waco!  It is like Disneyland for babies and toddlers!  There's so much for them to do - and the moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers can play with the kiddos, sit back and relax, catch up on emails, or visit with other adults.  It's a win, win for everyone!

Take that awesomeness and combine it with one of the many parties that My Little Play Place throws throughout the year, now you have DisneyWORLD!  

Throughout the year My Little Play Place throws parties (usually with a holiday theme).  They've had Valentine's, Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties - as well as a Super Hero party.  There is a small fee to participate in a party of $4 per child in addition to the regular play admission.  That extra $4 will grant your child access to crafts, cookie decorating, and a photograph.  I'll be honest...the kids LOVE the cookie decorating the best and the parents LOVE the photographs!

Sadie is enjoying the cookie she decorated so diligently!

Sadie is enjoying the cookie she decorated so diligently!

As a parent, I want photographs of my children with various holiday themes, but I don't want to pay for a whole session (or even a mini-session) centered around that holiday theme.  I want one photograph of my child on Valentine's Day.  I don't need five.  For me, THIS is the reason the parties are so worth it!  My kids LOVE the play place, but combine it with a party and it's seriously a super fun day that you guys won't soon forget.

The next party is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th.  We will be celebrating Mother's Day!

If you have any ideas for future party themes, please share them!  Jamie at My Little Play Place and myself are always looking for new ideas.


Love Is In the Air!

Valentine's Day is just a few days away!  I am reminded of this fact every single time I walk into a store and my three year old sees cute teddy bears, flowers, candy, and other novelty items.  Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day might not be as significant as a birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, but nonetheless Valentine's Day is a holiday - a fun holiday.  As with all holidays, there is a history behind the day.  I'll be the first to admit, I don't know much about its history.  To me, Valentine's Day has just been a day to exchange cute cards and fun candies!  If you're interested in learning more about the history, you can find an article here

This year I only have one child that is young enough to exchange Valentine's with her classmates.  This year I decided to make them really personalized! 

The finished Valentine.

The finished Valentine.

My daughter is super excited to hand out her Valentine's tomorrow at the party at school!  We just took a photograph of her sitting and holding her hand up like she was holding a big lollipop.  We then cut a slit at the top of her fist and the bottom of her fist so we could slide the lollipop through her hand to give it the appearance that she was holding the lollipop.

This is the Valentine before the lollipop was added.

This is the Valentine before the lollipop was added.

I have been asked numerous times if we are offering Valentine's Day Sessions this year.  We have decided not to offer them this year and instead offer a FREE Valentine's Day photograph for attendees of the My Little Play Place Valentine's Party on Friday, February 12th from 10am to 2pm.  Come join the fun!  There will be cookie decorating, crafts, coloring, photographs in the kissing booth and plenty of time to PLAY!  More information can be found here. 

Whatever you do to celebrate Valentine's Day, make memories!