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Andrew & Brittany

Each and every wedding inquiry I receive makes me feel very blessed that a special couple has considered me for their wedding photography needs.  My pricing structure is different from other many other photographers and I realize that it does not fit every couples needs.  Wedding photography is something to be valued.  After all, you only get one shot at capturing THAT day.  It is important that you choose a photographer that you "click" (haha) with.  Some couples just hire me for their wedding.  Others hire me for their engagement session and/or bridal session, as well as their wedding.  Neither way is right or wrong.  As I said, each couple has different needs.  

With that being said, there are definitely HUGE perks to hiring one photographer for all of your wedding portrait needs.  One such perk is that the photographer and couple get to know each other pretty well.  That makes the portraits feel much more comfortable and genuine.  The photographer gets to know the couple and often times, their families.  This bond that is created also provides the couple with consistent portraits from engagement, to bridals, and finally the wedding.  The style is the same since they decided to use one photographer for the entire wedding.  The photographer can design their Save the Date cards and wedding invitations as well, which saves the couple time and allows them to spend time with one another and their families and friends rather than designing invitations.  


Andrew and Brittany are one such couple that decided to hire one photographer.  We met for the first time on October 14th in Hillsboro for their engagement/family session.  Brittany has two beautiful daughters that they wanted to include in the session.  We all had so much fun!  As the session progressed, everyone became more comfortable with one another and the session became so much more relaxed and the laughs came pouring out!


At the beginning of the session we were able to get some very posed shots and I REALLY had to work at getting some smiles from the girls.  (In case you're wondering, I won!).  


After several posed shots, the girls were super excited for portraits with just them...and even came up with their own poses!  I love it when kids get so involved with the session that they ask to do certain poses.  That is a sure sign that they are enjoying themselves!


From there we moved on to the couples portion of the session.  Andrew and Brittany brought some wedding decorations that they are going to use at their upcoming wedding.  During one of these poses, a Hillsboro Fire Department truck drove by with the sirens going.  At the moment the truck was passing, I randomly had a joke that entered my mind...which I blurted out...because that's what I do :)  I said something like, "Hold that pose right there.  With the fire truck in the background it will be like they are coming for you two because your love is on fire!"  Laughter!  Genuine laughter, which created genuine smiles!  


Andrew and Brittany soon joined in on the jokes when they began laughing hysterically during the next pose because Andrew made a comment about their bellies touching!  Again, genuine laughter!  LOVE IT!!  


From this 45-minute session we all learned about each other.  When I arrive at their wedding, I have already met the bride and groom.  I know what type of personality they have and what makes them smile.  And their beautiful girls will already know me and will most likely not take long to warm up to the camera.  The portraits that I will capture on their wedding day will be genuine and full of emotion.  

Needless to say, I am super excited for next October!!