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Themed Mini Sessions Are Here!

Every year I am asked if I am going to offer holiday themed mini sessions.  I have never offered them before because I always offered holiday themed photographs at My Little Play Place for their themed parties.  However, now that My Little Play Place has closed, I feel that themed mini sessions now have a place with Smith Family Photography.

As a mother, I want photographs of my children with the various holiday themes, but I don't want a full session with lots of prints.  I just want a few prints or digital images to share online.  So that is what I decided to offer.  These themed mini sessions will include three digital images for $40 with the option to purchase additional images or prints.  We will offer the following themed mini sessions:  Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, and Christmas.  We will also be offering free Halloween photos to existing clients at our FIRST ever Client Appreciation Party!

Mini Session Schedule

  • Valentine's Day :  January 20 & 21
  • Easter:  March 17 & 18
  • Fourth of July:  June 23 & 24
  • Halloween:  October 20 (existing clients only)
  • Christmas:  December 1 & 2

Booking will begin approximately 30 days prior to the event, with a special pre-booking for newsletter subscribers followed by an invitation for non-newsletter subscribers to book.

If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about special events such as these, please send me your name and email address and ask to subscribe.