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From 'Roo Mates to a Joey

The cutest Joey!

The cutest Joey!

First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything.
— unknown

Meet Grayson!  Isn't he the cutest Joey EVER?!?  


You're probably wondering why I am referring to him as "Joey?"  It has nothing to do with his name and everything to do with his parents, Blake and Katie.  

Blake and Katie met at Austin College in Sherman, Texas - which is located in GRAYSON County.  Blake played football and Katie played softball.  They attended college together and the both graduated in 2012.  They had their "first date" on campus the first weekend they were on campus.  They would get married on this campus on March 3, 2015 surrounded by family and friends.  THIS is how they came up with the name of Grayson.

So how does any of that have anything to do with "Joey?"  A "joey" is a baby kangaroo and the mascot for Austin College is a kangaroo.  Now let's move on to Grayson's parents, also known as "'Roo Mates."

Blake and Katie on their wedding day

Blake and Katie on their wedding day

Blake is the head basketball coach at Groesbeck High School and Katie is a middle school math teacher for Cesar Chavez MIddle School at Waco ISD.  This will be Blake's seventh year in education and coaching and this will be Katie's sixth year in education.  They both LOVE what they do, which is ultimately to help kids reach their full potential.  They explained that they have had plenty of "kids" along their journey and they're excited for Grayson to grow up with these other "kids" as the first "official" member of Team Doughty.  

The morning of July 10th, 2018 was the beginning of their adventurous day.  One of Katie's best friends and coworkers was already at the hospital because she delivered her baby boy early that morning.  The two constantly joked around saying that they'd have their baby boys on the same day and they'd be delivered by the same doctor.  The doctor did not believe them and dismissed them each time with a laugh as he would say, "What are the odds?"  Turns out those odds were actually pretty good!  

Katie woke up and checked her phone looking for an update from her friend about her delivery.  At this time Katie's water broke!  She sent a text message to her friend telling her that they were on the way to the hospital as well.  Both friends could not believe that their boys were going to be delivered on the same day!  

Blake and Katie left their house for the hospital rather quickly.  This was noticed by a Texas State Trooper!  As the officer approached the window, Blake informed the officer that Katie's water broke and they were on their way to the hospital.  After all, the towels and trash bag that Katie was sitting on was the evidence!  The trooper felt terrible and promptly sent them on their way as he apologized for pulling them over.  

The two arrived in Mart, Texas along their route to the hospital just as the tire pressure light came on in their vehicle.  Blake pulled into a parking lot to quickly inspect all the tires.  At this time, one of Blake's former athletes, Sabion, pulled in behind them to make sure they were alright.  As Sabion got out of his vehicle, Blake informed him that they were alright and they were just checking their tires because they were on the way to the hospital since Katie's water broke.  Sabion quickly wished them well with a terrified look on his face and quickly left the scene.  The Doughy's were back on the road to the hospital!

They arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am.  Their family began the journey to the hospital ready to welcome Grayson!  They had no idea they would have to wait a very long time to meet him.  Grayson was finally born at 8:16 pm.  He is the first grandchild on both sides so we all know what that means!  Blake and Katie describe Grayson as the greatest blessing and he has made their family complete.