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Play Ball!

Softball and baseball season in Central Texas is a BIG deal. Heck, softball and baseball season in our household is a BIG deal!

Softball and baseball season is literally the beginning of our family! In 2010 my oldest three children were playing baseball and softball in Riesel since Marlin did not have a league. At the end of the season one of my boys was picked up to play on a baseball team in Mart to help them advance through the playoffs and hopefully make it to the state tournament. The coach that picked him up would later steal my heart as the season continued.

Fast forward to the following year, we exchanged vows on the shores of Lake Waco during the day and that evening we had a baseball game in Axtell. After the game we stopped by the Prairie Hill Store for ice cream. That was our eventful honeymoon! Every year on our anniversary we make it a point to go to the Prairie Hill Store for ice cream whether or not we are heading home from a baseball or softball game.

We both LOVE this season! Texas summer nights are amazing - with the exception of June bugs and mosquitos! It is very chaotic with all the practice and game schedules for each child. But you just roll with it and figure out each day as it comes. Next week is the week of the softball playoffs which will determine which two teams will advance to the state tournament. Lily and Sadie will be playing in Groesbeck while Gracie will be playing in Valley Mills. We are very excited for all the girls, but honestly we are all slightly bummed that everyone will be split up rather than cheering on each other at the game.

Our family is close knit during this season, coming together to support one another. It’s not just our family, it’s bigger than that. It’s the entire ballpark community. The kids roam around the ballparks playing with the other children. They beg their parents for money to buy junk food at the concession stand so they can share it with their friends. The parents cheer on all the players, not just their own. Everyone genuinely wants every player to succeed and do their best. It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Many lessons are learned on that field and ballpark. Teamwork. Attitude. Persistence. Passion. Leadership. Dedication. Faith. Mental toughness. Hard work. Inspiration. Encouragement. Support. Focus. Strength. Motivation. And all of these lessons help prepare you for different areas in your life off the field.’ve got what it takes so be willing to give it everything you’ve got.
— unknown

So as the playoff tournament is just around the corner, we would greatly appreciate good thoughts for all the teams - especially for the Mart 6U Smith team and the Groesbeck 15U Chiglo team :)