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I Like Your Last Name

Dates got you to a place where you wanted to marry each other. If you want to stay married, then keep dating your spouse. ❤️
— Andy Traub

If you’ve had a family session with Smith Family Photography you know that I ALWAYS try to get a few shots in of mom and dad together, with no children. Why? Well, most couples don’t have their portraits taken. They have family portraits taken and generally they focus on the children. After all, the children are drastically changing year after year and parents want that documented that they often simply forget about THEIR portrait.

When I ask parents if they’d like a portrait together they usually look at each other with a, “What to you think?,” look and they both shrug their shoulders. So I make them pose together and try my best to keep the kids occupied for a few seconds to get a few poses in. Afterwards I ask them how long it’s been since they’ve had their photo taken together they almost always tell me that they haven’t had one professionally taken together since their wedding. SINCE THEIR WEDDING!! Definitely time to have that updated!

For this reason I decided to offer Date Night Sessions. We began offering these sessions in July of 2019 and quickly booked three of the four sessions for the year!

Couples Date Night ad.jpg

The first couple that took advantage of this offer was the Schmedthorst Family. They were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this past summer and really wanted portraits of just the two of them to showcases the love they have for one another. Twenty-five years…that is amazing!

I have had many sessions with the Schmedthorst Family over the years. They take advantage of our mini sessions throughout the year to document the growth and changes of their children so I was extremely happy when they decided to book a session just for the two of them to celebrate such an amazing day.

At this time there is still one remaining Date Night Session. If you’re interested in learning more, please send me a message and we’ll get your Date Night Session on the calendar.